Intense Stress symptoms:

* Certain situations create

  uncomfortable feelings in your


* Feeling outnumbered, as if nothing

   makes sense anymore.

* Sleep disturbances: can't fall

  asleep, or stay asleep.

* Feelings of uncertainty about

  who you are and confused

  about expectations others have

  for you?

Intense Emotions Management:

-  Impatience

-  Anger

-  Jealousy

-  Resentment/Bitterness

-  Fear

-  Sadness

-  Domestic violence

-  Fear of abandonment

On top of all of this...

Are you also a military member or veteran?

Not only is society putting pressure on men where it is NOT deserved - if you have military experience, you're life is likely MORE complex than you had ever thought it could be.

Are you struggling to maintain your frustration in front of your children?  This creates guilt that you do not deserve.

Are you aware that you have been through extreme financial distress created by wars, the banking industry collapse.  But WE did not receive a financial bail-out.

Men's Issues

"Alternative" Life-Style Issues

Military related PTSD is caused from:

- Bootcamp

- Lack of ability to control your schedule.

- Missing important events such as the birth of a

  child, death of a loved one, etc.

- Being in a hot zone, even once.

- Sexual Assault or Harassment 

- Participating in combat.

- Witnessing combat.

- Being in fear for your life or the life of others.

- Witnessing the death or injury of another.

- Seeing or handling dead bodies.

- No certainty in most situations.

- Uncertain about when you will return home.

- Relationship conflict while you were away and now,

  again, when you come home.

Military Related PTSD

Do you feel as if you are losing your masculinity?  If you are a Generation X man, it's important that you learn how you were 'left out' of key focuses of society.  Generation X men were born around 1961 - 1981.  Just being a child in these times, for males, was a time when the Latchkey Kid generation was first coined.  Divorces skyrocketed, father's rarely received custody, and you were raised in an insecure environment - while the world was raging about Women's Rights.  It's not that you received conflicting messages - you didn't receive ANY messages as a child during this huge societal shift.

Each generation had with it, a society filled with expectations of men, boys, women, and girls.  But - the boys were really neglected during the generation x period, and now (or continue to) struggle with what it means to be who you are.

And now, the messages you are receiving seem very negative to many men, and they are angry and suffering, and I can help you discover why.

YOU DESERVE RESPECT and do not deserve the blame that society seems to be focusing on these days.

* Are you feeling blamed? Confused?

* Do you feel misunderstood more than you


* Do you feel as if you can't do anything right

  for certain people?

* Do you feel like society has ganged up on


Kami Himes, MS, LCPC

ARE YOU STRUGGLING with a lifestyle choice that those you love are judging you for?


Life Strategies Center - Solution Focused Counseling

I use 'Alternative' lightly, because I believe that as long as we are engaging in activities as consenting individuals (and no minors are involved in certain cultures), and choose to be who we know we are, no one has a right judge us because of that, or have ourselves or our activities be considered "Alternative" :

- Kink, Polyamorous, Fetishes, and all those on the rainbow perspective!

... to list just a few!  But working with me, you are safe, is non-judgmental, and someone who has experience working with those in the lifestyles they choose to participate in!  And I have wonderful resources as well!

Prison * Jail * Criminal Justice

ADDICTIONS: Drugs, porn, food,

alcohol - I AM HERE FOR YOU!


What are the symptoms?

- Low energy/fatigue; lack of motivation

- Poor concentration; difficulty making decisions

- Lack of pleasure in activities once enjoyed

- Crying

- Isolation

- Irritability

- Appetite changes

- Sleep difficulties

- Unable to enjoy things you once enjoyed.

- Feeling like life is not worth the effort?

Learn why you are going through what you are going through - let's save our Generation!

No Judgment Here * I have worked with hundreds of men, military and non-military.  There is nothing you can share with me that will cause me to feel any different about you.


What are the symptoms?

- Excessive worrying; inability to control worrying

- Restlessness or feeling keyed up

- Easily fatigued

- Irritability

- Muscle tension

- Sleep difficulties

- Difficulty concentrating; mind going blank

- Unable to enjoy things you once enjoyed.

- Feeling as if life is not worth living?